Sports Betting For Florida Residents

The legality of sports gambling to Florida residents is often debated, especially as a result of popularity and rise of Internet-based offshore sportsbooks that nominally fall into a gray area of US legal jurisdiction. The dearth of accurate information encompassing online sports gambling in Florida can be disconcerting and even off-putting to prospective players, but that doesn’t need to be the case, because when you understand the ins and outs of FL sports gambling law, you’ll be able to place your wagers with confidence.
In case it sounds daunting to browse all the state and national laws surrounding sports gambling in FL, do not worry — it’s not. The rules and laws are rather straightforward in regards to gambling on sports at the Sunshine State, and after you understand what to look for, you are going to have the ability to bet safely and with peace of mind, no matter where you are in the state.
Is Sports Betting Legal in Florida?
Sports gambling legality in Florida is a catchy thing on the surface. There are no laws specifically prohibiting the activity, but there are also no regulatory laws permitting it. That said, laws in the united states are based on what’s prohibited, not on what’s allowed. Therefore, it is possible to assume — rightfully so — that sports betting is actually allowed in the nation. To put it differently, FL residents may freely wager on athletics without fear of government reprisal, provided they use a respectable online sportsbook.
Whether you’re simply betting for your favourite team such as the Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Rays, Florida Panthers, Miami Hurricanes, FSU Seminoles, UF Gators, Tampa Bay Bucs, or perhaps theJacksonville Jaguars, you can do this without worrying about governmental repercussions of any type. To improve that, by employing an internet sportsbook rather than a shady local bookie, you understand the lines in addition to regional teams will be unweighted (i.e. have moderate vigs, or home takes) and your winning payouts are always ensured.
Legal Sports Betting Sites Accepting Florida Residents
While there are lots of legal sports betting websites accepting Florida residents on the market, they’re definitely not all made equal. If you are going to risk your hard-earned money to put bets on your favorite players and teams at an online, offshore sportsbook, you owe it to yourself (and your bankroll) to make certain that you select only the very reputable Florida sportsbook providers.
With decades of experience serving the Sunshine State, sportsbooks like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and other top books (BetDSI, 5Dimes, BookMaker, etc.) are always your best bets to locating and putting winning wagers in their robust, comprehensive gaming planks.
Bovada – Live Betting On Football, Basketball, Baseball, Etc
Bovada SportsbookThe Sunshine State has a lot to offer those who live there, with its great weather, bright vistas, and sandy shores. Even better, Bovada — the nation’s top online sportsbook — allows you enjoy the tropical outside while you wager on your favourite sports matchups. Thanks to Bovada’s top-of-the-line, industry-leading mobile sportsbook portalsite, you can place money on sporting events no matter where in the country you actually are.
Among the very best reasons to go with Bovada as a Florida player is the betting odds which are on their always-updated betting boards. All things considered, choices are significant, as most FL bettors aren’t strictly likely to bet on their regional house teams. So, while all the Florida teams are represented in Bovada, all of the other professional and amateur US teams of notice are also on their boards, with international wagering options to select from as well as sports like football, cricket, softball, and more. New FL residents signing up at Bovada today can even receive a generous, low-rollover $250 Welcome Bonus to pad their online betting accounts.
Join Bovada Now BetOnline – Features Live Dealer Casino + Poker
BetOnline SportsbookFlorida is not the least expensive place in America to phone home, but there’s no state income taxation, so that is a massive attraction for residents of all age groups. After all, in the present market, saving as much money as you can whilst enjoying a casual lifestyle is much more significant than ever. BetOnline also believes in this philosophy and it may be seen by how they give away a lot of free-play bonuses. Anyone living in Florida that signs up for free at BetOnline is going to be able to qualify for their life bonus. Just enter the voucher code LIFEBONUS on each qualifying deposit and get up to 25% in addition to your deposit.
Along with reload bonuses, BetOnline delivers several other valuable perks for both returning and new members. And if their sportsbook is the site’s number-one draw, it’s definitely not the only way to gamble at BetOnline. BetOnline comes with a fully-fledged, Vegas-style live dealer casino, a popular internet poker lounge, heaps of table games, hundreds of electronic slots, and a comprehensive international Thoroughbred racebook.
Combine BetOnline Today SportsBetting – Spread + Over/Under Can Be Wagered
SportsBetting SportsbookThe hottest betting odds — and greatest betting limits — await Florida sports bettors in SportsBetting. With actions on pretty much every national and global sport, this gambling site is considered the go-to sportsbook for Florida high rollers. However, with the deposit and withdrawal options of any FL sportsbook, SportsBetting is just as well suited to this gaming novice as to the wily old vet.
SportsBetting accepts both traditional and alternative payment options, from credit cards, debit cards, and bank wires to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and DASH. Better still, all these financial choices carry high deposit and withdrawal limits at SportsBetting, which means that — regardless of how much cash you have to wager — you can load up your SportsBetting account in a hurry. As with most other websites, also supplies new and returning FL customers plenty of valuable bonuses and perks to keep them coming back for more.
Combine SportsBetting Now 5Dimes – World Class Casino, Poker And Horse Book
5Dimes SportsbookWhen the heat index is 115 degrees Fahrenheit, Florida residents tend to say inside together with the A/C pumping and the trendy drinks coming. Obviously, then, there’s not any greater time to jump online and put some wagers on a baseball or soccer game. To this end, 5Dimes is a historic and reputable online sportsbook that accepts Florida residents, and it’s 100% free to join. As long as you are 18 or older, you can be a part of one of the best sports gambling sites on earth.
5Dimes includes a strong sportsbook with numerous bet types on tap, such as direct stakes, spread bets, totals, props, and futures. But, there are many other gaming options which may make things much more interesting. With alternate lines , 5Dimes offers more wagering customization than any other competing publication, ideal for those who like to group their stakes into parlays for maximum payout potential. 5Dimes also has plenty to do out of sports betting, using a world-class casino, poker room, and horse book available to all FL members who sign up now.
Join 5Dimes Now Greatest Florida Sports Betting Sites – 100% Trusted + Safe
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BetOnline Sportsbook 50% Up To $1,000 NEW! VISA, Bitcoin, Cash Wire
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Sportsbetting Sportsbook 50% Up To $1,000 NEW! Bitcoin, Wire Xfer, VISA
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Dimes Sportsbook 50% Up To $520 Western Union, VISA
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Finest Banking Methods At Legal Florida Sports Betting Websites All of the top sportsbooks serving FL have comparable — but not always identical — payment alternatives for deposits and withdrawals. On the other hand, the very best banking methods at legal Florida sports betting sites are fairly universal between them, and it comes down to exactly how much and how soon you wish to wager. If you need to place your bets right away and need to load up your online sportsbook accounts ASAP, credit or debit charges process immediately.
Be warned, however, that credit/debit payments carry lesser transfer limitations than some larger bettors like. In their cases, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (accepted anywhere, with various books accepting different altcoins as well) are superior, given they process the same day and take the greatest limits of options at most books. But some people prefer to deposit and withdraw their money via older, more traditional methods like check, bank wire, or money order.
In these cases, the limits tend to be fairly high, but also the related processing times (1-2 months ) and added fees make them more expensive options than Bitcoin and other altcoins such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Cardano (ADA) and other methods (where approved ).
Mobile Online Sports Betting In Florida
Mobile online sports gambling in Florida is the wave of the future, and — after the state institutes a sports gambling law and local sportsbooks available for company — you will shortly thereafter likely be able to use their online portal sites through your cellular phone or tablet to bet from anywhere within the nation. Furthermore, with legalization, it is likely you will eventually be able to download official iPhone apps and Android programs for your Florida sports gambling facility of choice.
But any mobile net portal or app-based sports betting solution from an FL-based sportsbook will be geo-fenced, which means that you will constantly need to physically be inside the state of Florida to place your wagers.
Right now, with offshore sportsbooks being online and operational for Florida sports bettors, you may use your own iPhone, iPad, or Android device to wager at Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline, and the rest of the top legal books serving FL residents. Another advantage of working with these overseas sportsbooks is they aren’t geo-fenced, meaning FL residents who register for these services may continue to use them even when they are outside of FL’s borders. Every of those sites is optimized for browsers and some even have programs that you can download straight from their site.
Florida Sports Betting Laws
There are in reality no existing Florida sports gambling laws to speak of, as the nation has traditionally relied upon the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA, 1992) to regulate their gaming laws in the athletic stadium. Now that PASPA has been overturned by the Supreme Court, but the FL legislature is going to have to institute its own sports gambling regulations and licensing schemes before any physical brick-and-mortar or online centre in the nation can offer sports betting inside FL’s borders.
Nevertheless, there’s a passage in FL law which could be construed to be a minimal sports betting ban. Florida Statutes 849.14 says the following:
“Whoever bets, bets or wagers any cash or other things of value upon the result of any trial or contest of skill, speed or endurance or power of animal or human. . .shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the second level…”
Obviously, there are plenty of semantic technicalities from the above statement that effectively prohibit this”ban” out of having an effective ban. As such, though the state sees some 3-4 million taxpayers turn a sports betting handle of about $12 billion annually, not one single person has ever been arrested, fined, imprisoned, or otherwise plagued by the FL authorities for putting a sports bet locally or on the Web at a legal online offshore sportsbook.
When Will Florida Offer Legal Sports Betting In-State?
With PASPA overturned, the deadline on if FL will offer legal sports betting in-state isn’t set in stone. Although most industry experts expect the state to enact a comprehensive set of sports betting laws sometime in the very near future.
Though there may be a few tiny difficulties working with the tribes’ charters and compacts such as their exclusive casino gaming rights. A new compact may need to be composed in order to include provisions for this gambling expansion. Sports gambling is far too popular — and far too lucrative — to justify languishing in the state legislature for a lot longer.
But with Amendment 3 death on the recent ballot, it could make formally legalizing sports gambling all the harder. The amendment basically gave Republicans the right to bring forth any casino gambling expansion legislation they want to find the country legislators. While the amendment didn’t specifically mention sports gambling, some have contended that it would fall under the category of casino gaming. With so many sports fans in the state, it would be surprising if Republicans didn’t formally ask their state lawmakers to bring about this shift by means of a referendum.
Legal Gambling Age For Florida Residents
The State of Florida is fairly progressive in regards to gambling, with some kinds of gambling available as soon as you turn 18. For wagering on sports on line, nevertheless, it’s advisable (but by no means required ) that you be at least 21 decades of age in order to participate. When land-based sportsbooks open in FL today that PASPA was overturned, however, those facilities will likely require their participants to be 21 or older.
What Cities In Florida Have Sportsbooks?
Presently, no cities in Florida have sportsbooks to offer you the gaming public. However, there are lots of possible locations for land-based sports gambling in Florida once the state passes formal sports wagering regulations, and even though it is not a sure thing that each one of the possible venues will start their particular sportsbooks, nearly all them likely will.
These locations contain the following, in order of the likelihood to Provide sports betting upon formal legalization by the state (with Tampa and Hollywood being first up, as they are home to the country’s two largest casinos, both of which are Seminole Hard Rock possessions ):
Tampa, FL
Hollywood, FL
Hallandale Beach, FL
Okeechobee, FL
Immokalee, FL
Pompano Beach, FL
Dania Beach, FL
Coconut Creek, FL
Miami, FL
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Along with the casinos listed above, in addition, there are numerous card rooms and pari-mutuel facilities scattered around Florida. Whether or not these will be included in the sports betting movement moving forward remains to be seen, and a lot of this will depend on how the sportsbook taxation and application/licensing prices are established by the Florida state authorities.
Florida Sports Betting FAQs
What is live betting?
Live gaming, also known as in-game wagering, is a recent evolution from several online sportsbook suppliers which allows players to bet on sports as the competitions themselves unfold in real time. As a result of mobile devices with persistent internet connections, it’s simpler than ever to take part in live gambling, adding thousands of daily opportunities to win to a standard sports gambling docket.
What are the consequences of wagering on sports over the Internet under the age of 18?
Each one of the best online FL sportsbooks only need their clients to be 18 years old or older to utilize their solutions, including all of their casino games and racebook options. However, once you attempt to maintain your funds, you’ll have to offer evidence of your identity. If you’re underage, or if you signed up underage and since turned 18, your accounts will be terminated and your winnings — and accounts balance — will be sacrificed. However, so as to remain safest, we recommend that you wait till you are 21 to begin using those sites. The main reason being is it is the highest required gaming age in the state of Florida and ensures that you can properly avoid any potential trouble with the state farther down the road.
How do I finance my online sports gambling account if my credit card fails to process?
There are numerous alternate methods via which you are able to fund your Florida sports betting account if your credit card fails to procedure. For quick transfers, nevertheless, cryptocurrency is the only viable alternative to card payments, as other options (money orders, bank wires, etc.) can take up to 14 days to process and also appear on your sportsbook wallet. Seeing as how Florida has sports clubs in every major sport, there’s always an event happening at some point in the season and people 14 days could mean the difference in cashing in on a match rather than.
Do I have to pay to sign up with an online sports gambling site?
No, you never have to pay to join with an online sports gambling site. If you ever encounter any sportsbook that requires this, avoid them, as they’re almost certainly untrustworthy and may be outright scams. The top rated online offshore sportsbook websites which accept Florida residents are free to combine and many actually offer a welcome bonus. This may give an extra cushion for if you need to wager on the Dolphins or other teams for the first time.
Do I must pay taxes on my own internet Florida sportsbook winnings?
Yes, you need to pay taxes on your internet Florida sportsbook winnings. The requisite government forms and educational overviews are available here. Even though this can seem like an annoying procedure to do, it’s the very best way to stay protected from any penalties later on. Florida also doesn’t have a state income tax which is one less expense you need to worry about when filing your own taxes.
Is online sports gambling a federal crime?
No, not with offshore sportsbooks. The Wire Act is the only federal law in place that has got something to do with online sports betting plus it only prohibits individuals in one state from using an online sportsbook placed in another state. For example, if you’re enjoying a day at South Beach and wished to place a sports bet, you can’t use one put in New Jersey. However, the legislation has no jurisdiction over the operations of sports betting sites located in different nations or users of those websites.
How do I join a valid Florida sports gaming website?
In order to join a legal Florida sports betting site, you merely have to put in your name and some basic personal information to your gambling site of alternative’s automatic membership portal site. That is not any different than, say, registering for a Netflix or Amazon accounts, and your personal information is secured with state-of-the-art encryption. Even better, the whole process only takes about five minutes or less! You could register for you in less time than it’d take to arrives at one of Florida’s sandy shores.
When a Florida sports betting site payout is transferred via test, do I must do anything special with it?
No. Yet, due to the character of overseas checks of this type, it’s wise that you do not try to cash the check immediately, as on rare events, such checks need additional time to clean. Simply deposit your check in your bank account, then once it clears, you can draw it out as money at your convenience. This applies to almost any lender you use or any Florida credit union that you may be apart from.

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