Denver Nuggets: 100-1

It doesn’t matter why head coach Brian Shaw is embracing a deep spinning because of his Denver Nuggets–it might be because the roster lacks a clear top eight, also it might be a sign the Nugs will utilize line changes to double-down on fatigue-inducing pace at altitude like a lot of Denver squads before.
What matters is the fact that it’s a wise idea.
“There’s likely to be 10 guys at the onset of the year, will probably be two at each position, that’ll be in the main rotation,” Shaw said, per Nate Timmons of all “Barring foul difficulty or blowouts, 1 way or another, that will ascertain whether it gets deeper than that.”
The postseason remains a lofty goal for this particular club, mainly because there are 10 teams that look scarier (and have better title odds) in the West. All that thickness behind stars Ty Lawson and Kenneth Faried might be sufficient to propel the Nuggets to a .500 record, but it would be a stunner if they ended the 2014-15 effort in the conference’s top eight.
Many hands make light work, however, and Denver will use more hands than just about anyone this year. We are going to see when sharing the load pays off in astonishing fashion.

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