10 Best Betting Sites in Nigeria

1xbet9ja, also referred to as 1xbet or 1x-bet, is just another fast paying gaming site in Nigeria for internet customers who want to play with placing bets with their notebook or cell phones. Less than 48 hours is needed to withdraw your money from your 1xbet9ja account to your bank accounts. 1xbet9ja is an international sports gambling company with branches in Nigeria and Kenya. It offers up to 100 euro bonuses on the initial deposit. Thus, make a wise choice to do your first deposit. 1xbet9ja also permits the players placing bets on sports matches or games that have already begun or still continue. Various manners to deposit are readily available. You can get the required information on the website or ask online assistance.
Merrybet is one of the most reliable betting sites in Nigeria with large likelihood. This organization is licensed and approved to carry pay and stakes winnings based on sports. In fact, sports gambling is extremely well known in Nigeria and Merrybet offers their customers to be involved in using a rare chance to acquire depending on the enthusiasm for different type of sports, such as football, basketball, tennis, handball, car racing, baseball, softball, biking, etc.. The purpose of the company is to provide customers with expert, functional and reliable sport betting services.
At the moment time, Bet9ja is among the greatest sports gambling company in Nigeria. Bet9ja is the registered trademark of KC Gaming Networks Limited, Nigeria, which has sportsbook and gambling licenses issued from the State to operate sports betting services. The Bet9ja site is based on technologies developed in Western Europe to ensure the reliability and security of online services and withdrawals of bonuses. The customer support is located in Lagos to make sure an all-around aid. Bet9ja covers all the significant sports events of earth.
This betting website for sports and gambling was launched a few years ago under the management of Kreativ Integrated Concepts and Management Limited in partnership with all LiveBet International Limited, the well-known gambling businesses in Nigeria.
Surebet247 is Nigerian site for internet betting in Nigeria. Many gamers consider it the first football booking website which admits stakes and pays winnings based upon match benefits. You don’t even need to predict the exact score. The necessary information is found on the site.Each game has its price usually referred to as an odd. You will win comparatively compact money f you put a bet on a major team and it wins. But you’ll win big should you bet a smaller team to win to draw and it happens.
LovingBet is located between the free free betting sites in Nigeria that pays very fast for internet customers who wishes to play using their computers or cell phones.
Greater than 24 hours are needed to get your money from the LovingBet accounts to your card. The site ensures 100% bonus on the first deposit with an additional bonus on the bets that are accumulated. In Lovingbet, winning is your natural right.
Betwin9ja presents on its webpages over 5,000 events. This company has reliable partners with leading sports gambling software in Western Europe who are constantly developing the new betting products. Betwin9ja pays attention to the caliber of technical online support.
AccessBET is a superior sports gaming site for gamers from Nigeria and beyond. Accessbet.com is a free site has only one limitation to be older the age of 18 years, so you may safely register on it and playwith. AccessBET has only begun to gain fame in social media but it has already attained a promising outcome. It is estimated that this website is seen about 150,000 times a month.
9jaPredict is just one of legal gambling sites in Nigeria that offer the most recent predictions in sports games and contests. It offers to place bets on a wide variety of sports with an outstanding customer support in the business of betting. The customers may enjoy fast deposit methods, fast payouts, various bet kinds, and the greatest chances.
Nairabet is your very first, earliest, financially powerful and quick paying gambling online resource in Nigeria using a 5-star customer care. Here is the best betting site in Nigeria that is particularly designed to inform about expert predictions on sports contests around the globe and to offer the best daily gambling tips from them. This site monitors about 30 competitions a day. In addition, among those NairaBet sections tracks the top games of height-cutting forecasts available only on weekends.

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